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since these two are brothers and very close at that i figure it’s best to post their refs together (they’re old characters from years back too)

Austin is a runaway kid who was sent back from the afterlife by means of a spirit who thought his time up hadn’t arrived yet. He was sent back on the condition that he would try to help those in need and learn his own life lessons along the way. Due to the bargain with the spirit and the magic that brought him back to life he’s not entirely human anymore-he has a pair of wings that tend to grow and shrink at random. When he’s out in public he wears a backpack which has a hole in the back to cover them.

A similar spirit who knew the one that helped out Austin then appointed a certain scarecrow to be Austin’s guardian. 

Austin is usually a very calm and cheerful if not relaxed kid. While he’s more mature than his age suggests he can be very finicky and loud when annoyed or bothered.

Dearly is Austin’s brother who followed him when he ran away from home. When Austin was killed from being hit by a train he made a deal with the deity who resided there that he would do anything if his brother could have a chance at life again. The deity requested he help his brother and a mislead scarecrow learn their life lessons and left it at that for the moment, telling him his hands would be full enough from that for awhile. Except for a few physical side effects Dearly left the deal unscathed.

Dearly tends to look grumpy a good deal of the time but he’s not in that sour of a mood most of the time. He’s usually mellow but like his brother shares a hideous temper when aggravated. His actions speak louder than his words when he’s not feeling very expressive. 

The departed brothers are as close as siblings can be and live with Doppelganger and Mel’s Hallie and Olivia. Dearly is also dating Olivia!

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